Cumbria University: 2023 Cutoff Mark, Admission Requirements, Scholarships, Tuition

Cumbria University
Cumbria University

Cumbria University is a highly reputable institution in the beautiful northern England county of Cumbria. 

For students aspiring to study at this prestigious university, knowing the admission requirements, cutoff marks, and scholarship opportunities is essential.

In this article, we will provide all the necessary information regarding the Cutoff Mark, Admission Requirements, Scholarships, and Tuition for Cumbria University in 2023. 

We will also explore the scholarships available for prospective students and provide insights into tuition fees at this esteemed institution. 

Whether you are a local or international student, this article will guide you through your academic journey toward achieving your desired degree from Cumbria University.

About Cumbria University

​​In the United Kingdom, Cumbria University, often known as the University of Cumbria, is a prominent institution of higher learning. An overview of Cumbria University is provided below:

Compared to other UK universities, the University was founded only in 2007. However, it has swiftly become well-known for its top-notch instruction and creative activities. The university is renowned for its emphasis on applied learning, close relationships with the neighborhood and dedication to sustainability.

Numerous undergraduate and graduate programs are offered at Cumbria in various subject areas. Students have various options, including those in the arts, business, education, health and social services, and science. The institution seeks to provide students with information and skills that apply to the sector’s demands.

Carlisle, Lancaster, Ambleside, and London are just a few of the lovely Cumbria campuses where these programs are offered. With contemporary buildings, libraries, laboratories, and services for assisting students, each site provides a unique learning environment.

A supportive and inclusive learning environment for its students is something else exciting about Cumbria University. The institution provides various support services, including academic assistance, career counseling, and services for people with disabilities. Students can also access cutting-edge facilities such as student housing, sports, and recreation centers, libraries, and IT services.

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Why Attend Cumbria University?

Why Attend Cumbria University?

There are several reasons why attending Cumbria University can be a great choice for prospective students. Here are some compelling reasons to consider:

  1. Quality Education: Cumbria University is known for providing an academically rigorous and practical education. The university’s programs are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen fields.
  2. Practical Learning Opportunities: Cumbria University emphasizes practical learning, offering students numerous opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. This hands-on approach helps students develop valuable skills and gain practical experience that can enhance their employability.
  3. Diverse Range of Programs: The university offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines. Cumbria University provides diverse programs to suit different interests and career aspirations, whether you are interested in arts, business, education, health, science, or other fields.
  4. Supportive Learning Environment: Cumbria University is committed to providing its students a supportive and inclusive learning environment. Faculty and staff are dedicated to assisting students throughout their academic journey, offering guidance, mentorship, and support services to ensure their success.
  5. Strong Industry Connections: The university maintains strong ties with local businesses, organizations, and industry professionals, fostering opportunities for networking, internships, and collaborations. These connections can benefit students seeking practical experience, career opportunities, and industry insights.
  6. Beautiful Campus Locations: Cumbria University is situated in the picturesque region of Cumbria, known for its stunning landscapes and natural beauty. The campuses, including Carlisle, Lancaster, Ambleside, and London, provide an inspiring and tranquil environment for learning, surrounded by breathtaking scenery.
  7. Research and Innovation: Cumbria University is actively involved in research and innovation projects that contribute to advancements in various fields. As a student, you can engage in research activities, work with experienced faculty members, and contribute to meaningful projects that have the potential to make a positive impact on society.
  8. Community Engagement: Cumbria University is deeply connected to the local community and encourages students to get involved in community engagement activities. Through volunteering, collaborations, and outreach initiatives, students can develop a sense of social responsibility and make a difference in the lives of others.

Attending Cumbria University provides an opportunity to receive a quality education, gain practical skills, and become part of a supportive community. It offers a well-rounded university experience that combines academic excellence, practical learning, industry connections, and a beautiful natural environment.

What is Cumbria University Cutoff Mark?

Cumbria University is a well-renowned institution in the United Kingdom, offering various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. As with most universities, Cumbria has specific requirements before students can be admitted to their preferred courses. One of these requirements is the cutoff mark.

The cutoff mark for Cumbria University refers to the minimum score or grade that an applicant must obtain in their final exams or assessments to qualify for admission into a particular course. 

This criterion varies across different courses and levels of study, with some programs having higher or lower cutoff marks than others. The university typically sets its cutoff marks based on academic rigor, competition for places, and demand from prospective students.

It’s important to note that meeting the cutoff mark does not guarantee automatic admission into a program at Cumbria University; it only qualifies an applicant to be considered for a spot within the course.

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What are the Available Cumbria University Courses?

  • Animal Conservation Science (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Animal Conservation Science (with Sandwich Year)
  • Animation and Visual Effects
  • Applied Chemistry (Top-Up)

Biomedical Sciences

  • Biomedical Sciences (with Integrated Foundation Year)

Business Management

  • Business Management (Digital Marketing)
  • Business Management (Top-Up)
  • Business Management (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Business Management with Marketing (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Business, Accounting, and Finance
  • Business, Accounting, and Finance (Top-Up)
  • Business, Accounting, and Finance (with Integrated Foundation Year)

Children and Young People’s Health and Wellbeing

  • Children and Young People’s Health and Wellbeing (with Integrated Foundation Year)

Commercial Photography

  • Commercial Photography (with Integrated Foundation Year)


  • Criminology (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Criminology with Applied Psychology
  • Criminology with Applied Psychology (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Criminology with Forensic Investigation
  • Criminology with Forensic Investigation (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Diagnostic Radiography

Education Studies

  • Education Studies (Top-Up)
  • Education Studies (with Placement Year)
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Science (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Film and Television
  • Film and Television (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Fine Art
  • Fine Art (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Forensic Science
  • Forensic Science (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Forest Management
  • Forest Management (with Sandwich Year)
  • Forestry (Top-Up)
  • Games Design
  • Games Design (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Games Development
  • Games Development (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Geography
  • Geography (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Global Business Management (Top-Up)
  • Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Graphic Design (with Placement Year)
  • Health and Social Care
  • Health and Social Care (with Integrated Foundation Year)


  • Illustration (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Illustration (with Placement Year)
  • International Business and Communications (Top-Up)
  • International Business Management
  • International Business Management (Top-Up)
  • International Business Management (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Law
  • Law (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Learning Disabilities Nursing
  • Marine and Freshwater Conservation (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Marine and Freshwater Conservation (with Sandwich Year)
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Midwifery
  • Occupational Therapy

Outdoor Adventure and Environmental Studies

  • Outdoor Adventure and Environmental Studies (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Outdoor and Experiential Learning (Top-Up)
  • Outdoor Education
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Outdoor Leadership (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Photography
  • Photography (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Photography (with Placement Year)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Primary and Early Years Education (3-11) with QTS
  • Primary Education: Inclusion with Send with QTS
  • Professional Policing
  • Professional Policing (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Project Management (Top-Up)


  • Psychology (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Psychology with Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Psychology with Counselling and Psychotherapy (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Security, Intelligence and Investigative Practice
  • Security, Intelligence, and Investigative Practice (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Social Work
  • Sport and Exercise Therapy (Top-Up)

Sport Coaching and Physical Education

  • Sports Coaching and Physical Education (Top-Up)
  • Sports Coaching and Physical Education (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Sport Rehabilitation
  • Sport Rehabilitation (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Teaching and Learning (Top-Up)
  • Wildlife Media
  • Wildlife Media (with Integrated Foundation Year)

Woodland Ecology and Conservation

  • Woodland Ecology and Conservation (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Woodland Ecology and Conservation (with Sandwich Year)
  • Working with Children and Families (Top-Up)
  • Youth Work


  • Zoology (with Integrated Foundation Year)
  • Zoology (with Sandwich Year)

Graduate Programs

  • MBA | Masters of Business Administration
  • PgC | Medical Imaging (Ultrasound)
  • PgD | Medical Imaging: Ultrasound
  • MBA | Masters of Business Administration
  • MBA | Information Technology
  • MSc | Computer Science and International Business
  • MSc | Medical Imaging (Ultrasound) (part-time)
  • MBA | Digital Marketing
  • MSc | Data Analytics
  • PgC | Enhanced Health Assessment: Practice Development
  • MA | Outdoor and Experiential Learning (Ambleside)
  • MBA | Risk Management (Robert Kennedy College)
  • MSc | Psychology: Legal and Criminological
  • PgC | Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Studies
  • MSc | Psychology: Research Methods and Statistics
  • MBA | Artificial Intelligence

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Cumbria University Admission Requirements

The University of Cumbria accepts applications from candidates with various credentials and experience. Each application is evaluated according to its own merits.

Different entry requirements apply depending on the program and whether you are enrolling in an undergraduate or graduate school.

Undergraduate Degrees

UCAS Tariff points are used to indicate the entry requirements for our undergraduate degrees. Some courses further specify the grades that must be earned in particular subject areas. When the points are displayed as a range, a typical offer will be near the top, with contextual data and information applied when necessary to lower the offer within the tariff range. 

Master’s degrees 

Admission criteria for Master’s degrees and PGCEs often call for a degree, which for some programs may need to be in a related subject area and at a minimum award classification. Postgraduate courses and PGCEs also have similar admission requirements.

Additional qualifications can be necessary, regardless of whether you want to enroll in an undergraduate or postgraduate award. You should check our course websites to determine the entry requirements for specific courses.

If you’re considering enrolling as an undergraduate, read more about our entry criteria below. We describe the breadth of alternative qualifications we accept and how you could earn the necessary UCAS Tariff points from A-Levels, BTEC Level 3 Nationals, T Levels, and Access to HE Diplomas.

What is Cumbria University Tuition?

Undergraduate Tuition Fees

Course Level 2023/24 2022/23
Bachelor’s degree (BA, BSc, LLB) £13,575 £13,250*
Bachelor’s degree with Integrated Foundation Year £13,575 £8,565* (Foundation year). Subsequent years at standard Bachelors degree rate above
Bachelor’s degree in Health pre-registration programs (Diagnostic Radiography, Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Social Work) £16,400 £16,000*
Bachelor’s degree – accelerated 2-year degrees £16,290 £15,835
Sandwich or Placement Year £1,950 £1,650
DipHE or CertHE £12,800 £13,250
Foundation Degree (Fda, FdSc) £13,575 £13,250*
Non-medical Prescribing £3,000 £2,875
Pre-Sessional English (6 weeks) £2,100 £2,100*
Pre-Sessional English (12 weeks) £3,800 £3,800*

Postgraduate Tuition Fees

Course level 2023/24 2022/23
Masters degree (MA/MSc) £13,575 £13,250*
Masters degree in Health pre-registration programmes (Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy) £16,400 £16,400*
MBA £15,375 £15,000
PGCE with QTS £13,575 £13,250*
PGC non QTS £3,600 £3,500

Please note: These fees apply to the 2023/24 academic years only and may be subject to inflationary increases in subsequent years of study.

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Cumbria University Scholarships and Financial Aids


How many UCAS tariff points are needed to be admitted to Cumbria University?

Depending on the program and the year, different minimum UCAS tariff point requirements may apply for admission to Cumbria University. For the most recent details on the minimum UCAS tariff point criteria, it is advised to consult the university’s official website or contact the admissions office.

Are there any unique criteria for students from other countries?

International applicants to Cumbria University may be subject to additional criteria. These prerequisites could include meeting the selected program’s academic criteria and presenting evidence of English language proficiency, such as a valid IELTS or TOEFL score. For comprehensive details on the particular requirements for overseas students, it is advised to examine the university’s official website or contact the international admissions office.

How do I submit a scholarship application to Cumbria University?

Prospective students are recommended to visit the university’s official website and click on the financial assistance or scholarships area to apply for scholarships at Cumbria University. They can learn more about the available scholarships and their requirements, guidelines, and deadlines. It is crucial to thoroughly read the prerequisites and submit all required paperwork in accordance with the scholarship’s requirements. 


Cumbria University’s 2023 cutoff mark aligns with its high academic standards. The rigorous admission requirements ensure that only the most deserving students are admitted to the institution. The scholarships offered by the university are a testament to its commitment to accessibility and diversity. 

While tuition fees may seem high, students can rest assured that they will receive value for their investment as they pursue their academic goals. Cumbria University provides an excellent platform for students seeking to advance their education and career prospects in a highly competitive global market. We encourage prospective students to consider this prestigious institution as they seek to achieve their academic dreams.



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