Landmark University 2023: Cutoff Mark, Admission Requirements, Scholarships, School Fees


In the pursuit of higher education, finding the right university is crucial. This blog post will explore Landmark University, an exceptional institution that provides quality education and fosters holistic development. Join us as we delve into the cutoff mark, admission requirements, scholarships, and school fees at Landmark University.

Landmark University, located in Omu-Aran, Kwara State, Nigeria, is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, moral values, and innovation. With a focus on agriculture, science, and technology, the university equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s evolving world.

About Landmark University

Landmark University has a captivating history that reflects its mission to revolutionize education and contribute to societal development. Established in 2011, the university is the brainchild of Dr. David Oyedepo, the Chancellor and founder of Landmark University and the Living Faith Church Worldwide.

The vision for Landmark University was inspired by Dr. David Oyedepo’s passion for raising a new generation of leaders who would have the capacity to bring about positive transformation in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large. With a deep-rooted commitment to providing a cutting-edge learning environment, Landmark University was founded as a center of excellence for advancing knowledge, character, and value-driven education.

Since its inception, Landmark University has grown by leaps and bounds. The university’s commitment to agricultural development, scientific research, and technology has positioned it as a leading institution in Nigeria. The university seeks to address the agricultural sector’s challenges and contribute to the sustainable development of the nation and the African continent.

Landmark University’s campus, located in Omu-Aran, Kwara State, Nigeria, spans over 700 hectares and boasts state-of-the-art facilities that foster an environment conducive to learning, research, and innovation. The university’s infrastructure includes well-equipped laboratories, modern classrooms, libraries, research centers, and agricultural facilities.

Throughout its history, Landmark University has focused intensely on academic excellence and character development. The university emphasizes equipping students with technical skills, moral values, leadership qualities, and a sense of social responsibility. Landmark University strives to produce graduates who will make a positive impact in their chosen fields and contribute to the betterment of society.

Furthermore, Landmark University promotes a vibrant research culture and encourages faculty and students to engage in cutting-edge research projects that address relevant societal challenges. The university’s research initiatives span various fields, including agriculture, engineering, sciences, and technology.

In conclusion, Landmark University has a remarkable history driven by visionary leadership and a commitment to holistic education, agricultural development, and technological advancement. As the university continues to grow and evolve, it remains dedicated to raising leaders who will make a significant difference in Nigeria, Africa, and the world.

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Why Landmark University

  1. Academic Excellence: Landmark University is committed to providing a high-quality education that prepares students for successful careers and equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen fields. The university boasts experienced faculty members, state-of-the-art facilities, and a rigorous academic curriculum, ensuring students receive a top-notch education.
  2.  Holistic Development: Landmark University places a strong emphasis on the holistic development of students, nurturing their intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth. The university’s educational philosophy focuses on academic excellence, character development, leadership skills, and a strong sense of social responsibility. Students are encouraged to engage in extracurricular activities, community service, and entrepreneurship programs, fostering well-rounded individuals.
  3.  Innovation and Research: Landmark University is at the forefront of innovation and research, promoting a culture of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. The university provides ample opportunities for students to engage in research projects, collaborate with faculty members, and contribute to advancements in their respective fields. This exposure to research and innovation cultivates a spirit of invention and prepares students for the challenges of the ever-evolving global landscape.
  4.  Entrepreneurship and Career Opportunities: Landmark University strongly emphasizes entrepreneurship, equipping students with the necessary skills and mindset to become job creators and industry leaders. The university provides a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurial development, offering mentorship, incubation programs, and industry partnerships. Additionally, Landmark University has a robust career development and placement office that assists students in securing internships, industrial training, and employment opportunities, thereby increasing their chances of a successful career trajectory.

Choosing Landmark University offers students the opportunity to receive a top-quality education, undergo holistic development, engage in innovative research, and benefit from an entrepreneurship-focused environment. The university’s commitment to academic excellence, character development, and career preparation makes it an excellent choice for aspiring students.

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Courses Offered at Landmark University

The list of courses offered by Landmark University includes the following:

Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
Banking and Finance
Business Administration
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical And Information Engineering
Industrial Chemistry
International Relations
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Political Science

Landmark University Cutoff Mark 2023/2024

A cut-off mark is a score a particular institution establishes as a prerequisite for enrollment in a particular department of study. This rating is typically given to applicants depending on their performance on a specific test.

The general cut-off mark for admission to Landmark University is 180 during the 2023–2024 admissions process. So, congrats to all LMU candidates who scored 180 or higher in the 2023 Jamb Exam.

Your eligibility to get the Landmark University LMU post-UTME form depends on having a score of 180 or higher. The candidate cannot access the form if it is less than 180.

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Landmark University LMU Departmental Cut-Off Mark 2023/2024

Note: This is not the exact Landmark University Departmental Cut-off 2023/2024; it is just a guide for you!

faculty of Medical Sciences Cut-Off Mark

  • Medicine – 250 and above

Faculty of Law Cut-Off Mark

  • Law – 240 and above

Faculty of Engineering Cut-off Mark

  • Mechanical, electrical, civil, and others – 220 and above

Faculty of sciences Cut-off Mark

  • Industrial Physics, Industrial Chemistry, Computer science, Geology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy – 190 and above

Note that scoring a higher mark gives you an opportunity and makes you on the safer side! It also increases your chance of gaining admission.

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Landmark University General Admission Requirement

To apply for undergraduate programs at Landmark University, prospective students must meet specific criteria. The general admission requirements typically include the following:

  1. Candidates must have reached the age of 16.
  2.  UTME Examination: Candidates must participate in the UTME conducted by JAMB and attain the minimum required cutoff mark specified by Landmark University for consideration.
  3.  O’Level Results: Aspirants should possess at least five credit passes in relevant subjects obtained from recognized examination bodies such as the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), the National Examinations Council (NECO), or an equivalent examination body.
  4.  Post-UTME Screening: Candidates are typically required to undergo a post-UTME screening exercise conducted by Landmark University. Depending on the program, this may involve written exams, interviews, or a combination. The purpose is to assess the candidate’s suitability for the chosen course.


Candidates applying to Landmark University should note the following:

  • Candidates must have sat for the current year’s Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination UTME) of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and attained the prescribed cut-off marks as a statutory requirement for entry into Nigerian Universities.
  • Applicants are strongly advised to ensure that their UTME subject combination qualifies them for their chosen program at Landmark University.
  • Candidates who did not choose Landmark University in the current year UTME are free to apply for admission into the University.
  • In addition to the above, Landmark University conducts a Post UTME Screening Exercise for all candidates seeking admission into the University. Applicants may, however, not be admitted without fulfilling the demands of the screening exercise.

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Landmark University LMU Acceptance Fee 2023/2024

Candidates who have been offered admission into Landmark University must pay the Landmark University LMU acceptance fee to demonstrate that they have accepted the admission offer from the university and are willing and ready to complete the remaining admissions requirements, including registration, to become a full-fledged student of the Landmark University.

Landmark University’s acceptance fee ranges from N10,000 and above.

Landmark University School Fees

Landmark University aims to provide quality education while maintaining reasonable tuition fees. The specific school fees may vary depending on the study program and the study level (undergraduate or postgraduate).

CourseFee for Nigerian
Students (Nairas)
Fee for International
Students (dollars)
Agric Courses595,0001,944
Agric Engineering645,0002,108
Engineering Courses675,0002,206
Computer Science615,0002,010
Industrial Mathematics556,0001,817
Industrial Physics556,0001,817
Banking And Finance545,0001,781
Business Administration545,0001,781
International Relations565,0001,846
Political Science532,0001,738

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How to pay Landmark University LMU School Fees 2023/2024

  1. Visit Admission Portal (
  2. Click on “Login”
  3. Supply your UTME No and Passcode and click on Login
  4. To make a payment, you must generate a payment transaction code; click on the “Make Fees Payment” Menu on the left.
  5. Fill in the Amount Payable without comma and space(s), e.g., 50000, and then click the “Create Transaction” Button.
  6. Your payment transaction ID is generated with payment instructions; print the transaction slip and make payment through any of the three means provided.
  7. You can:
    1. Walk into the bank with the transaction ID and pay through PAYDIRECT (Tell the cashier to navigate to PAYCHOICE and from there select LANDMARK UNIVERSITY)
    2. Make a payment on the Quickteller site (Requires registration).

I will advise you to pay early to avoid any additional payment!

Landmark University Scholarship

David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) 2023 Scholarship Program for African

The David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program offers full scholarships to deserving citizens of African nations and residents. The goal of the scholarship is to cultivate young leaders who are prepared to use their newly acquired skills to manage companies, communities,


Landmark University is a pioneer in education, offering a transformative learning experience centered around academic excellence, moral values, and innovation. Considering Landmark University, students can benefit from a supportive learning environment, robust academic programs, and personal and professional growth opportunities.

Contact the university’s official website or admission office for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the cutoff mark, admission requirements, scholarships, and school fees. Begin your journey toward excellence and innovation at Landmark University.


Is Covenant University giving scholarships?

The David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship program offers full scholarships to deserving citizens of African nations and residents. African students can receive full tuition scholarships from the David Oyedepo Foundation to pursue undergraduate degrees at Covenant University and Landmark University.

Does Landmark University offer accommodation for students?

Yes, Landmark University provides accommodation facilities for students. The university has well-equipped hostels and residential halls that offer a conducive living environment for students during their academic journey. Accommodation options, fees, and availability can be obtained by contacting the university’s accommodation office.

What are the admission requirements for Landmark University?

Landmark University has specific admission requirements that applicants must meet. These typically include passing the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by JAMB, possessing a minimum of five credit passes in relevant subjects in O’Level examinations, and participating in Landmark University’s post-UTME screening exercise. Additional requirements may vary depending on the chosen program or department.


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