The 10 Best Law Schools In The World (2024)

Therefore, your research will be fundamental when it comes to finding the best course abroad. In order to help you get started in your search, we have listed below the best law schools in the world, some of the top study destinations in the world are featured. We hope it helps!

For those considering a law course abroad, there are a few things to take into account. For example, in the United States, the law is just a postgraduate area; therefore, to enroll, you necessarily need a bachelor’s degree. We previously wrote about the top Law Universities in the United States, check it out.

There is no requirement regarding the area of ​​your graduation, however, as in the USA the student has a lot of freedom to assemble his curriculum, you need to take courses called pre-law, that will prepare you for admission in an American law school. In addition, you will need to provide proof of admission to the Law School Admission Test – LSAT.

Another factor to be considered is the cost-benefit. A law course is not usually cheap. A university considered to be of high quality is almost always also the one with the students with the highest average starting salary – that is, those who enter the labor market with an above-average salary.

The starting salary for lawyers in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States is, respectively, US $ 56,121, US $ 30,675; US $ 32,800-52,481, and US $ 68,375, according to the Crimson Education website (without considering the local currency and the cost of living for each country).

The 10 Best Law Schools in the World

First of all, it is important to remember that this list changes from year to year, although it remains reasonably similar because the schools at the top won’t relent thereby making it difficult for schools behind to meet up.

The most globally renowned institutions in the area of ​​Law are almost always the same, being able to change their positions in the rankings, but remaining in the top 20.

The following list contains information from the ranking of Crinsom Education and Top Universities.

1. Harvard University – United States

Harvard Law School is by far the most famous and renowned in the world as the Best Law Schools In The World, and also one of the largest, offering all kinds of specialization, resources, and extracurricular activities.

Only 16.5% of those who apply are admitted to the student body of approximately 900 members and the University accepts a grade from the LSAT or GRE exam, a general test for admission to graduate school in the USA. Despite being a very expensive university, Harvard is the guarantee of the best possible academic education that a person can receive to become a lawyer.

You can try to apply for a scholarship based on the financial need offered by Harvard Law School.

The proportion of students for each teacher: 12.4

Average cost *: $ 277,000 for three years of study.

2. University of Oxford – United Kingdom

Oxford Law courses are the only courses in the world taught through a combination of seminars, classes, and tutorials, thus enabling much closer contact between students and teachers.

The School offers two main programs in the area: the Bachelor of Civil Law, for students with previous studies in Law; and Magister Juris, aimed at students who have no legal background. This is especially interesting because you can get a place at the University, regardless of your area of ​​study.

The average number of students admitted per year: 90

The average cost for international students: $ 41,417

3. University of Cambridge – United Kingdom

The law courses at the famous Cambridge University come third on our Best Law Schools In The World. Cambridge University was created to deepen students’ knowledge, that is, you must already be in the area of ​​law and be interested in becoming a lawyer or simply learning more.

The Master of Law is formed by four disciplines that the student can choose within any legal field. Cambridge and Harvard even have a three-and-a-half-year joint course that allows students to work in both the UK and the USA.

The average number of students in the course: 154

The average cost for international students: $ 40,657

4. Yale University – United States

Yale is located in a much smaller community, compared to the universities already mentioned, despite having a much larger number of students. Most law graduates at the institution, located in Connecticut, tend to stay in academia rather than practice in a law firm. Even so, whoever gets a diploma from this University will certainly guarantee a great job in the sector.

The average number of students for each teacher: 8.46

The average number of students at school: 650

The average cost for international students: US $ 246,806 for three years of study

5. Stanford University – United States

What sets Stanford University apart from the rest is its emphasis on contribution rather than independent study. Thus, it replaces fierce competition among students and academic pressure with teamwork and intellectual stimulation.

In addition, the institution gives the student a lot of freedom to set up dual courses in order to graduate with two specializations or set up their own curriculum. Not to mention its location in California, which is certainly a positive point for those who like heat!

The proportion of students for each teacher: 7.3

The average number of students at school: 572

The average cost for international students: $ 277,866 for three years of study

6. New York University – United States

The New York University School of Law has a variety of specializations, but its strengths are the areas of International Law and Public Interest. If you have different interests within the field, you can opt for a dual course and graduate with a joint degree from NYU and other partner universities like Princeton and Yale. In addition, NYU offers study abroad programs at institutions located in 15 different countries.

The proportion of students for each teacher: 9.1

The average number of students at school: 1,369

The average cost for international students: $ 278,718 for three years of study

7. University of California, Berkeley – United States

At Berkeley, one of the University of California’s campuses, you can study areas such as Intellectual Property, Environmental Law, and International Law in a sunny location in the United States.

And if you can’t find the specialization you’re interested in, UC Berkeley allows you to take your third year of study at Harvard University. However, only 22% of students enrolling at the University are selected.

The proportion of students for each teacher: 13.8

The average number of students at school: 916

The average cost for international students: $ 249,937 for three years of study

8. Columbia University – United States

Like the vast majority of the best law schools in the world, studying at Columbia is a stressful and extremely demanding experience. To get an idea, the student can already fail the first month.

The Legal Methods course, a three-week preparatory course, helps students make the transition to law and teaches them about field studies and learning methods at Columbia, as well as introducing them to teachers, classmates, and New York City, where the University is located. At the end of these three weeks of a preparatory course, students can either pass a full course in law or fail.

The proportion of students for each teacher: 7.6

The average number of students at school: 1,267

The average cost for international students: $ 274,620 for three years of study

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9. University of Chicago – United States

The University of Chicago, also known as UChicago, admits only 15% of applicants enrolled in its Law School. She specializes in courses that combine areas of Economics and Law – in fact, the only law professor in the world who has won the Nobel Prize taught Law and Economics at the University. 

The tests at UChicago (known as finals ) take place every quarter instead of every semester, as they usually do in American universities. In addition, the institution has a publication, the Supreme Court Review, which is the most cited legal newspaper in the world.

The proportion of students for each teacher: 7.5

The average number of students at school: More than 600

The average cost for international students: $ 276,021 for three years of study

10. University of Melbourne – Australia

Interested in a course in the Southern Hemisphere? How about the University of Melbourne School of Law in Australia? Its courses have an international emphasis, with a focus on globalization, and all classrooms have a limit of approximately 60 students per class so that they can receive more personalized attention from teachers.

Melbourne also offers joint courses with Oxford, giving students the opportunity to do two years of study in Australia and the last in the UK. But if you prefer to stay in Melbourne for the entire duration of your course, know that the city is constantly voted as the best city in the world to live in.

The average number of students at school: 1,200

The average cost for international students: $ 91,182 for three years of study

* All cost averages include course fees, accommodation, meals, and personal expenses.

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