Best Undergraduate Majors for Law School

If you’re considering going to law school but can’t decide on an undergraduate major, you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t worry! There are a variety of majors that can help prepare you for law school and make the admissions process easier.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the best undergraduate majors for law school, so you can feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

Best Undergraduate Majors for Law School

We’ll discuss which majors are the most popular among law school applicants, Read on to learn more!

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Studying English also provides students with a well-rounded education.

Many law schools look for applicants who have broad knowledge and experience in various subjects, and English majors tend to possess a wide array of interests.

Courses like composition, poetry, and literary theory can give students the analytical tools needed to understand the complexities of law and succeed in a legal career.

Furthermore, English classes often offer opportunities for creative expression and analytical writing, which can help aspiring lawyers hone their legal writing skills.

Students who study English also gain valuable experience in oral presentations and public speaking, which are critical components of a successful law career.

For those considering a future in law, an English degree may be the perfect choice.

The ability to think critically and communicate effectively can take you far in the field of law, and a degree in English can set you up for success.

Lawyers spend most of their time analyzing complex documents written by other people, so it’s important that they have excellent reading comprehension and grammar skills.

Reading widely from diverse genres is one way that English majors can build these essential academic foundations before they even apply to law school.

There are many great programs that combine intensive coursework with practical work or internships in journalism, publishing, or advertising; this type of hands-on learning experience will also benefit your career as a lawyer.

There are countless benefits to studying English at the undergraduate level.

Some graduates go on to pursue graduate degrees in either literature or teaching;

others continue directly into careers such as paralegal or law clerk positions where language fluency is vital.

You might even choose to pursue both at the same time! A good grounding in literature will prepare you for whatever path you want to follow after graduation.

And as your future lawyer colleagues can attest, studying English at any level opens doors for future success within the field of law.


If you’re considering a career in law and want to know the best undergraduate major to prepare for it, then philosophy is an excellent choice.

Philosophy focuses on examining the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.

It teaches critical thinking, which is key for legal analysis.

Philosophy courses also help you to develop strong logical and analytical skills, both of which are essential for the study and practice of law.

Finally, philosophy courses can also expose you to foreign legal systems, which can give you a broader understanding of how the law works across different jurisdictions.

This knowledge is useful for both domestic and international law practitioners.

In conclusion, philosophy is one of the best undergraduate majors for law school due to its emphasis on critical thinking, analytical skills, ethics, and legal history.

Studying philosophy also provides a more global perspective on how laws function in different countries.


Best Undergraduate Majors for Law School

Are you considering a career in law but don’t know which undergraduate major to choose?

If so, you’re in luck! While there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to the best undergraduate majors for law school, history can be a great choice.

As one of the most comprehensive and analytical majors available, a history major will teach you the skills necessary to succeed in law school.

You’ll learn how to analyze and interpret information, think critically, synthesize complex materials, and develop persuasive arguments—all essential skills needed to be a successful lawyer.

Additionally, a history major will help you gain an understanding of the philosophical and legal principles that guide modern society.

It will also provide you with an introduction to the legal system and key issues related to American law.

This background knowledge will prove invaluable in law school and beyond.

Finally, a history major will give you exposure to different people and cultures from around the world.

This exposure is not only important for cultural understanding, but it may also help you think differently about legal disputes or cases.

In summary, history can be an excellent major for students interested in attending law school.

It provides a comprehensive introduction to the legal system, teaches analytical skills, and encourages students to think critically about society.

If you’re considering a career in law, history could be the perfect major for you!


Best Undergraduate Majors for Law School

If you’re considering law school and trying to decide which major to pursue, economics is one of the best undergraduate majors for your career.

Economics provides a broad base of knowledge that can be applied to legal analysis, and it offers you valuable analytical skills that will help you in both practice and theory.

Finally, economics courses can help provide a solid foundation for the study of contracts, which are a core part of any lawyer’s practice.

Contract law requires a comprehensive understanding of economic principles, and economics courses provide that understanding.

Overall, economics is an excellent choice for any law student who wants to give themselves an edge in the courtroom and in the job market.

It provides an invaluable background in both business and public policy, as well as essential analytical skills that will serve you throughout your career.

In addition, some lawyers have noted that studying economics helps them make better use of time because they learn how to analyze data more efficiently and make more informed decisions.

It may not seem like a natural fit at first glance, but consider how much value this major has to offer if you want to become a successful attorney.

The American Bar Association (ABA) specifically lists economics as one of the top five majors for law school.

Political Science

A political science degree prepares students for law school in several ways.

It requires students to understand complex issues, think critically, and debate ideas effectively.

Additionally, political science classes often involve researching court cases and writing briefs, giving students an advantage when it comes time to tackle legal assignments in law school.

Aside from providing a strong educational foundation, a political science degree also offers an array of career options.

With a political science degree, you could become a lawyer, lobbyist, public relations specialist, politician, or policy analyst.

Having a background in political science can help you stand out in the job market and gain access to higher-level positions.

Ultimately, a political science degree is a great choice for those interested in attending law school.

It will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the classroom and beyond.

Plus, it opens up numerous career paths for you after graduating.

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