How Employable is a Degree Holder?

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More than ever, it seems like everyone is getting a college degree these days, and that’s good news or so we’re told.

It makes sense; with the cost of college continuing to rise year after year, it makes sense to make sure you don’t throw away thousands of dollars and four years of your life learning something that won’t put you in a position to earn more money.

Or get you closer to your career goals later on down the road.

So here’s what you need to know about your degree;

The Job Market Is Constantly Changing

It’s no secret that the job market is constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up.

While many people are worried that having a degree won’t make them as employable as they’d like, there are actually a few reasons why you shouldn’t worry.

First, having a degree shows potential employers that you have the dedication and motivation to finish a degree.That is a valuable quality in an employee.

Even if your degree isn’t necessarily in the field you’re looking to work in, employers know that having a degree means you can handle a significant workload, set and meet goals, and put in the hard work needed to succeed.

Additionally, having a degree also shows potential employers that you have a certain level of knowledge and understanding in a certain area.

You may not have experience in the specific field, but employers understand that having a degree means you can think critically, process complex information, and develop solutions.

Finally, having a degree shows that you understand the value of education and how it can help you advance professionally.

Having a degree signals to potential employers that you are motivated to learn and grow, which makes you more attractive as an employee.

A Degree Holds More Weight Than Ever Before

It’s no secret that a degree can open up a world of opportunities, so it’s no surprise that more and more people are aiming for one.

But with the cost of higher education continually on the rise and job prospects ever changing, you may be wondering if a degree is really worth it.

The good news is, having a degree is still more likely to lead to better employment prospects than not having one.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, those with a bachelor’s degree or higher earn on average almost twice as much as those with only a high school diploma.

Furthermore, those with higher degrees tend to find employment faster than those without.

This means that even though tuition costs may be intimidating, the potential payoff in terms of employability is still quite high.

Not only will you benefit from the knowledge and skills gained through the coursework, but your future employers will also be impressed by your dedication and commitment to completing a degree.

Furthermore, most employers now understand the value of a college education beyond the traditional academic knowledge.

They recognize the social, technical and interpersonal skills developed through collegiate learning.

This means that regardless of your major or field of study, employers will value the well-rounded knowledge you have acquired from the diverse range of experiences during your college career.

Your Network Is Key

How Employable is a Degree Holder?

When it comes to being employable as a degree holder, your network is key. Having a strong professional network can give you an edge when looking for job opportunities and advancing your career.

Your network can provide access to information, referrals, and contacts that could open up job opportunities that may otherwise not be available.

Building a strong network begins with making connections with people in your field.

Start by attending professional conferences, meetups, and other industry events to meet people in person.

You can also connect with peers on LinkedIn and join relevant Facebook groups. Once you’ve made some initial connections, reach out to them and ask for introductions to people in their networks who could be potential contacts for you.

Making meaningful connections is key to building a strong network. When engaging with people online or at events, show genuine interest in what they do and offer support whenever possible.

Make sure to also follow-up regularly to keep in touch and build relationships.

Having a strong professional network will not only help make you more employable as a degree holder, but it will also increase the value of your degree.

By leveraging your network, you can gain access to career advice, get insights into industry trends, and identify new job opportunities.

Investing the time and effort to build relationships now can pay dividends in the future!

You’re Not Too Old to Go Back to School, in the age of rapidly changing technology and an ever evolving job market, one of the biggest questions facing those considering going back to school is am I too old?

The answer is a resounding no. Going back to school can be an incredibly rewarding experience no matter your age.

For many, the idea of going back to school after years out of the classroom is intimidating.

We may worry that our skills are outdated or our age puts us at a disadvantage when compared to traditional students.

But in reality, the diversity of experience that comes with age can be an advantage, and many older students find themselves thriving in the academic setting.

Older students are often more focused and dedicated to their studies than their younger counterparts. When you’re not living in a dorm, or dealing with the same social pressures that college students face, you can dedicate yourself fully to your studies.

This can lead to greater success in the classroom and better job prospects after graduation.


Going back to school can also have a significant impact on your career prospects.

Many employers value the knowledge and experience that comes with going back to school later in life.

A degree will open up opportunities for promotions and higher wages, giving you the chance to move up in your current profession or switch fields entirely.

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