10 Top Criminal Justice Schools In The World

top criminal justice schools
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As an aspiring criminal lawyer or judge, schooling in a top criminal justice schools is important. Well, it is a fact that it might be difficult to know the top criminal justice schools in the world and that’s why we’ve created this post to enlighten you about some of the top criminal justice schools out there that you can enroll in to get the best possible criminal justices education.

If you would like knowledge of some of the top-rated universities for criminal justice degrees, then today is your lucky day. However, before then, we hope you know that criminal justice schools refer to institutions that offer programs for criminal justice degrees. Usually, this is with a criminal justice department or college.

Top Criminal Justice Schools

top criminal justice schools

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Florida State University

Florida State University is one of the top criminal justice schools in the world. It is a highly esteemed public university located in Tallahassee, Florida. This school has a large student population of 29,286 at the undergraduate level. Additionally, admission is highly competitive because of its acceptance rate of 49%.

Also, the university has an 80% graduation rate. Interestingly, graduates of this school can earn a salary starting at $36,500.

Penn State

This is one of the top criminal justice schools in 2023. It is another highly regarded public college, located in State College, Pennsylvania. Do you know that it has an enrollment of 39,785 undergraduate students? Well, that is a fact.

Admissions are competitive with an acceptance rate of 50%. Also, the university offers popular majors such as:

  • Information Science.
  • Biology.
  • Economics.

The University of Florida

The University of Florida offers a robust criminal justice program that prepares students for careers in law enforcement, courts, corrections, and other related fields. The program emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding crime and justice, with courses covering topics such as criminological theory, criminal law and procedure, forensic science, and corrections.

Students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning through internships, field trips, and research projects. The program also offers several specialized tracks, including a law enforcement track and a forensic science track. Graduates of the program are well-prepared to pursue careers in criminal justice or to continue their education in graduate or law school.

La Sierra University

La Sierra University is a private, liberal arts institution located in Riverside, California, that offers a variety of academic programs, including criminal justice. The criminal justice program at La Sierra provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the criminal justice system, with courses covering topics such as law enforcement, criminology, criminal law and procedure, and the role of the courts.

The program teaches hands-on learning through internships, research projects, and community service opportunities. also, students can choose to pursue a specialization in one of three areas: law enforcement, courts and corrections, or forensic science.

CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice is a public college located in New York City, focused exclusively on criminal justice, forensic science, and related fields. The college offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in criminal justice, forensic psychology, forensic science, and emergency management.

John Jay College’s faculty includes experts in criminal justice and related fields, and the college is home to several research centers and institutes focused on topics such as policing, crime prevention, and social justice. The college also provides a range of internship and professional development opportunities for students, helping to prepare them for careers in criminal justice or further education in graduate school.

Texas Christian University

Another top criminal justice institution is Texas Christian University. It offers over 100 areas of study at a top 100 National Institution where faculty, staff, and students from diverse backgrounds can thrive. The campus community encourages intellectual challenges and experiences shared with mutual respect.

The University of Miami

The University of Miami has a program that teaches students about criminal justice. They learn about the legal system, law enforcement, courts, and punishment. The program helps students to develop important thinking and research skills, and they can practice these skills by working at internships or doing research.

The university is located in a big city with lots of different types of crime-fighting jobs, so students can get experience and learn about different careers. The program is well-liked and can prepare students for jobs in criminal justice.

Northeastern University

Northeastern is one of the top criminal justice schools and it’s highly regarded private university located in Boston, Massachusetts. Northeastern University is a private research university located in Boston, Massachusetts. The university offers a criminal justice program through its College of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The program covers a wide range of topics related to criminal justice, including criminological theory, law enforcement, courts and corrections, and the causes of crime.  Northeastern University is known for its strong ties to the criminal justice community in Boston, providing students with access to a range of criminal justice organizations and career opportunities. 

University of California – Irvine

UC Irvine is also one of the top criminal justice schools in the world. It is a highly-rated public university located in Irvine, California, in the Los Angeles Area. With an enrollment of 28,855 undergraduates, admissions are fairly competitive. The UC Irvine acceptance rate is 37%. Its popular majors include Social Psychology, Biology, and Public Health.

Liberty University

Liberty University is a private institution located in Lynchburg, Virginia. It has a strong focus on developing Christ-centered men and women. This set of people will be equipped with the values, knowledge, and skills necessary to impact the world.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Top Criminal Justice School

When choosing the right criminal justice school, it’s important to consider a number of factors to ensure that you find the program that best fits your needs and career goals. Here are some steps to take when making your decision:

  1. Research different schools and programs: Look into different schools and programs that offer criminal justice programs, paying attention to the curriculum, faculty, and other resources offered.
  2. Consider your career goals: Think about what career you would like to pursue in criminal justice and choose a program that aligns with those goals.
  3. Check accreditation: Make sure the program you choose is accredited by a recognized accrediting agency to ensure that you receive a quality education.
  4. Look into experiential learning opportunities: Consider programs that offer hands-on learning experiences, such as internships, co-op experiences, or research projects, as they can help you develop important skills and gain practical experience.
  5. Look into job placement rates: Look into the job placement rates of graduates from the program to ensure that you’ll have good opportunities to secure employment after graduation.

By taking these steps, you can feel confident that you’ve chosen the right criminal justice school for you and are on the path to achieving your career goals in this exciting field.


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