Comparing Singapore math vs Russian math: Best Choice for You

math mammoth vs singapore math
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‍Singapore math vs Russian math? This is the best comparison and detailed article comparing these two math. Keep reading to discover which of these two popular and advanced mathematics is best for you.

Let’s dive in.

Deciding on the right curriculum for your math education can be confusing. It’s essential to understand the differences between the two main choices, Singapore Math vs Russian Math, to make an informed decision.

Singapore Math has been popular in the U.S. for several decades, while Russian Math has recently become more widely available. Both have unique approaches to teaching mathematics and different strengths and weaknesses.

To better understand the best choice for you and your education, it is essential to look at the differences and advantages, and disadvantages of each.

So, let’s dive into the world of Singapore Math vs Russian Math to determine which one is the best choice for you.

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What is Singapore Math?

singapore math vs russian math

Singapore Math is a math curriculum that focuses on developing proficiency in math through several different teaching methods. One of the biggest strengths of Singapore Math is its focus on developing proficiency in math.

Singapore Math is designed to give students the skills and knowledge they need to solve any math problem.

While many math curriculums focus on a specific type of problem, such as long division or fractions, Singapore Math aims to teach students how to use various methods to solve problems in general.

This helps students become more flexible thinkers and better problem solvers.

What is Russian Math?

singapore math vs russian math

Russian Math is a math curriculum developed in Russia for use in Russian schools. Like Singapore Math, Russian Math is designed for students to develop proficiency in math.

Russian Math also aims to help students develop strong mental math skills through various exercises and practice problems. Russian Math is different because it uses different approaches to help students learn and understand math concepts.

Russian Math focuses on building a solid conceptual understanding of math concepts through various exercises. While this approach may seem a bit vague, Russian Math aims to help students better understand the concepts behind the different methods used to solve different types of problems.

This helps students see the “bigger picture” behind each method and better understand the concepts they are working with. This approach has the potential to be a big help to students struggling with math concepts.

Advantages of Singapore Math

Singapore Math focuses on proficiency in math and building strong mental math skills so students are well-equipped for higher-level math courses throughout their schooling.

It is a fun and engaging way of learning math, encouraging students to think logically and develop problem-solving skills.

Singapore Math also provides an effective way to learn the basics of mathematics, so students can build a strong foundation for more advanced math topics.

It also helps to develop a sense of understanding and appreciation for mathematics, which can help to foster a love of learning throughout a student’s life.

Students who have completed Singapore Math courses are also more likely to enjoy math and be interested in pursuing careers in math-related fields.

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Advantages of Russian Math

Russian Math is designed to help students develop a conceptual understanding of math concepts, which can be helpful for students struggling with math concepts.

Russian Math also focuses on problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which can benefit students in developing those skills.

In addition, Russian Math is designed to help students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts rather than memorizing formulas and equations.

This can make it easier for them to apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

Finally, Russian Math is often used in schools in Russia and other countries, so it can be a valuable way to give children an international perspective on math education.

Disadvantages of Singapore Math

One of the main disadvantages of Singapore Math is that it relies heavily on memorizing formulas and equations, which can be very challenging for some students.

This means that the student needs to quickly recall and apply the formulas to solve problems – something that may prove difficult for students with learning disabilities or those who need more time to process new concepts.

Additionally, Singapore Math does not provide as many real-world examples or applications as other curricula, which may make it difficult for students to understand how the material can be applied in everyday life.

Finally, Singapore Math is often more expensive than other math curriculums, making it difficult for some schools and families to afford.

Disadvantages of Russian Math

One of the main disadvantages of Russian Math is that the pace at which Russian Math is taught can be overwhelming and fast-paced for some students who may have difficulty keeping up.

Despite these drawbacks, Russian Math has been proven to be highly effective in teaching students complex concepts in mathematics and honing their skills, making them excellent problem solvers.

Comparing Singapore Math and Russian Math

Both curriculums focus on developing proficiency in math and building strong mental math skills. Both curriculums are available in various materials and levels, making them good choices for homeschooling families with students of different ages.

However, these two curricula differ regarding the approach used to help students build a strong conceptual understanding of math concepts. 

While Singapore Math focuses on using different exercises to help students understand the concepts behind different methods used to solve math problems, Russian Math focuses on building a strong conceptual understanding of the concepts behind the different methods.

Which is the Best Choice for You? Singapore Math vs Russian Math

When it comes down to it, the best choice for you is whichever math curriculum you find the most appealing and helpful. While this may seem obvious, deciding between two curriculums with unique approaches and strengths can be hard.

To help you make your decision, it can be helpful to consider the following questions:

  • Which curriculum is best for your age?
  • Which curriculum will best help you build a solid conceptual understanding of math?
  • Which curriculum will help you develop strong mental math skills?
  • Which one will be the easiest for your family to use?

Although it is essential to consider all of these factors, ultimately, the best choice for you and you are whichever math curriculum you find the most helpful and appealing.


What is the difference between Singapore and Russian math?

Russian math loads up on “out of the box” thinking, while Singapore math encourages your youngster to think creatively and outside the box. It sets the tone for the rest of their lives, whatever works for your child.

Why is Singapore the best in math?

The methodology of Singapore Math is different from those of other math curricula. Singapore Math teaches students how to think mathematically so that they can rely on the theory and build on topics rather than rote memorizing and pounding concepts through comparable problems.

What math curriculum is similar to Singapore?

The ways that Math Mammoth and Singapore Math approach math are also very similar. Both programs are fundamentally math mastery programs.

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