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NNPC/Total Scholarship (Everything You Need For The Scholarship)

There is good news. The NNPC/Total scholarship application is currently going on. If you are a student looking forward to a fantastic scholarship, then listen up. Also, if you wish to study abroad free of charge, then this is for you.

This is one of the most desired scholarships in Nigeria and is highly competitive, but you can increase your chances by filling out the application form correctly and thoroughly. Make sure to read the requirements and instructions very carefully before starting the application process to avoid disqualification.

If you are looking for financial assistance to pursue higher education, you can apply for this scholarship.

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What You Need to Know about the NNPC/Total Scholarship

NNPC/Total scholarship

The NNPC/Total Scholarship award is given to Nigerian students. But then, the applicants must have an outstanding performance in their field of study.

This scholarship is sponsored by:

  • The Nigerian National petroleum cooperation is in line with total upstream companies in Nigeria (TUCN).
  • Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (Total E&P Nig. Ltd).
  • Total upstream Nigeria limited (TUPNI) 

The above annually awards scholarships to Nigerian students in the university. And this is across the country. These Nigerian students must have remarkable and good academic performance. Also, they must be extremely excellent.


The Main Objectives of NNPC/Total Scholarship

The main objective of the NNPC/Total Scholarship award is to:

  • Promote academic excellence. 
  • Also, it is to encourage students.
  • Additionally, it is to give quality manpower development in the country.
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Recently, the NNPC/Total Scholarship award has been one of the means used by NNPC to contribute positively to the development of Nigerian students across the country, especially those in the Niger Delta.

This scholarship has a lot of positive quota to the educational development of Nigeria. Also, it has been recorded as one of NNPC’s amazing social responsibilities.

Good enough, the scholarship is rolled out annually, and the scheme has always been a huge success yearly. 

Benefits of the NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship 

The NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship is a highly competitive and selective scholarship program providing financial assistance towards the cost of undergraduate degrees in any discipline offered at any Nigerian accredited higher education institution. The NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship is open to all Nigerians meeting the specified criteria.

At least 80% of the country’s population falls below the poverty line, and the government is determined to reduce that number by increasing access to higher education and other forms of education that can help people improve their lives.

The winner of the NNPC/Total scholarship will be awarded the sum of 150,000 NGN annually. This is for the period of being a beneficiary. The sum of the NNPC/Total scholarship money given covers the following:

  • The student tuition fee.
  • Accommodation.
  • Book allowance and other personal or educational needs.

NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To be picked for the NNPC/Total scholarship, please note. Nigeria National petroleum cooperation has developed an amazing standard that can be used to select eligible candidates.

However, as mentioned earlier, the scholarship scheme is for students in Tertiary Institutions. The NNPC/Total scholarship is not open to all students in the institution. It is only open to those with outstanding performance in their field of study. 

  • All interested candidates have to be registered as full-time undergraduates in any accredited Nigerian institution.
  • Also, interested candidates must be certified 100 or 200level undergraduate students.
  • Also, the applicant must have proof of SSCE or an Equivalent certificate. These will be required. Furthermore, it is expected that applicants should possess all necessary certificates in their original form.
  • Additionally, there is a need for the applicant to have proof of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). The score will be required.
  • Also, the applicant’s Admission Letter from any tertiary institution in Nigeria or Matriculation Number is part of the criteria needed.
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NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship: Important Things to Know

Please, students above 200 in their UTME Examination should not apply. This is because applicants with such scores will be ignored. Also, 300-level students in any tertiary institution are not expected to apply. However, this opportunity is for 200level students and below. 

Also, students with less than a 2.50 CGPA on a 5-point scale or equivalent should not apply. This means you must have a 2.50 CGPA for you to be qualified. Also, if you are a current beneficiary of similar award schemes from any other International Oil Companies, then you should not apply. You will be disqualified.

NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship Application Form

Interestingly, the NNPC/Total scholarship application form is filled out online. You can fill out the form through the official website of the NNPC-

Easy Steps to Apply for the NNPC/TOTAL Scholarship 

The application process is made easier with the use of the browsers mentioned above. However, you will need an active internet connection. All you need to do is to fill in the following details correctly:

  • As an applicant, you will have to fill in your University Information. This entails the name of the institution, course, and years of study. 
  • Also, Jamb/University Admissions Letter will be demanded as well.
  • Applicant Result Information will be required to be uploaded. This includes; SSCE Result (WAEC OR NECO), Jamb Score, and current CGPA.
  • Additionally, as an applicant, you will be demanded to fill in your Personal and contact Information; Date of birth, Permanent home address, active Email, Mobile Number, and recent passport photograph.
  • As an applicant, information about your origin will be needed. This includes; the student’s State of Origin, Local Government Area. 
  • Also a copy of proof of applicant origin will also be uploaded. Ensure all documents are original copies.
  • Candidates should endeavor to go through the application form again to ensure all fields are correctly entered appropriately, and all documents are uploaded.
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If you are a student looking forward to an amazing scholarship, this is a great opportunity. Also, if you wish to apply, please ensure you meet the entire requirement. 

If you have any questions concerning what you just read, please drop them in the comment section. Also, always visit us for more information like this.

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