Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form 2022/2023 Out Now – Apply

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form

As Nigerian Navy recruitment form 2022/2023 is ongoing have it in mind that the portal will soon be short down immediately the time frame of the Nigerian Navy recruitment deadline date comes to an end.

We are here to discuss everything about the Nigerian Navy recruitment application form 2022.

To this end, we are using this noble platform to formally inform you that the Nigerian Navy recruitment board will soon announce the application process for the 2022 recruitment exercise.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form

To this end, all applicants who are yet to register or apply are advised to utilize this time frame by ensuring that they do not only sign up but also complete the registration process instantly.

Incomplete registration will not be entertained so it’s best you complete your registration on the Nigerian Navy recruitment website and also ensure that all necessary documents have been uploaded as instructed.

Requirements for Recruiting into the Nigerian Navy

As a condition of applying to join the Navy, candidates must meet the following educational and professional requirements:

  1. To be considered for employment, applicants must submit a copy of their high school diploma or GED.
  2. Prior to the application deadline of February 2022, all applicants must have obtained their NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificate.
  3. In order to join, a candidate must not be married or have children.
  4. Please print out the Parent/Guardian Consent Form and the Local Government Attestation Form.
  5. Born in Nigeria is required to apply.
  6. Not eligible for this position are those who suffer from any of the following conditions: short vision (both eyesight and the ability to see clearly), a stutterer, a flat foot, or any other physical disability.
  7. There must be no prior criminal convictions on the part of the applicant.
  8. Aside from the chaplains, imams, and medical advisors, who should not be older than 30 or 40 years old by February of 2022.

Points to Keep in Mind Regarding the 2022 Recruitment of the Nigerian Navy

When applying for Nigerian Navy 2022 Recruitment, there are a lot of things you need to consider. It is critical that you visit Nigerian Navy Portal on a regular basis in order to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date information.

For those who hope to land a job with the Nigerian Navy, here are some things to remember.

Have all of the required certifications

  • Log on to and scan and upload your identification documents.
  • Shortlisted Candidates for the Nigerian Navy will be announced shortly thereafter.
  • The Nigerian Navy will not hire anyone who claims he can help you get hired.

How to Apply for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2022

If you’re interested in applying, please visit

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Application Deadline

The current Nigerian navy recruitment exercise has an April 2022 closing date.

As soon as the deadline has passed, the portal will be shut down and no more applications will be accepted.

See Roles of The Nigerian Navy

The constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria is the Supreme law that guides everyone and any organization operating in Nigeria. The Nigerian constitution is very Rigid in nature which means it can’t be altered easily.

The same Nigerian constitution has spelled out the roles, functions, and duties of the Nigerian Navy in such a way that everything is very clear void of confusion.

Another important document that gives clear roles and responsibilities of the Nigerian Navy is the Armed Forces Act Cap A20 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 And that of Nigeria’s Defence Policy.

The 3 documents listed above are very powerful indeed, for the Nigerian Navy to operate without any interference or breaking the law it must operate within these laws.

We decided to dig in into these documents and found out that there are about 3 fundamental classifications that govern the roles of the Nigerian Navy and they are as follows:

  1. military,
  2. policing and
  3. diplomatic roles

Military Role of the Nigerian Navy

The military role of the Nigerian Navy include the following :

  • Balance of power functions
  • Force projection functions.

Policing Role of the Nigerian Navy

Anytime you hear of the Nigerian Navy please note that their operations is mainly carried out on the water bodies that surround Nigeria as a whole.

Here the Nigerian Navy are tasked with the responsibility of enforcement i.e they enforce law and order on the high sea and internal water bodies. They make sure that they fight off pirates and criminals off the water highway.

Diplomatic Role of the Nigerian Navy 2021

Another important role the Nigerian Navy plays is that of diplomacy, where they interact and share relationships, classified information between other nation’s Navy.
They can as well send their men to attend training abroad, recommend the federal government on which hardware equipment they want to purchase after they must have sealed the deal underground.

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