Kumon vs Singapore Math [ Best Choice]

kumon vs singapore math

This is the detailed Kumon vs Singapore math comparison post, where i will be showing you all you need to know about each math curriculum, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then you are on the right page. Let’s get started.

When it comes to finding the best math program for your child, there are a few options that come to mind: Kumon and Singapore Math are among those few option as both programs have gained popularity for their unique approaches to teaching math and have received praise from parents and educators alike.

Now, this is where the confusion comes in, which program is better for your child’s learning? In this blog post, I will be comparing Kumon vs Singapore Math and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your child education. Now, Let’s jump in.

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What is Kumon?

kumon vs singapore math

Kumon is a math program that was founded in Japan in the 1950s. It was created by Toru Kumon, a high school math teacher, who was looking for a way to help his son improve his math skills. The Kumon method is based on the belief that every child has the ability to learn math and that repetition and practice are the keys to success.

The Kumon program is structured around individualized learning plans. Students take an initial assessment to determine their current level of math skills, and then they are assigned a set of worksheets to complete at home. The worksheets are designed to be completed in short increments, with students working on a few problems each day. As they progress, the problems become more difficult, and the students are encouraged to work at their own pace.

What is Singapore Math?

singapore math

Singapore Math is a math program that was developed in Singapore in the 1980s. It was created by a team of educators who were looking for a way to improve math education in the country. The program is based on the belief that students should learn math through problem-solving and critical thinking.

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The Singapore Math program is known for its use of visual models, such as bar models and number bonds, to help students understand mathematical concepts. Students are also encouraged to solve problems using multiple methods and to explain their thinking. The program is structured around a series of textbooks and workbooks, with each level building upon the previous one.

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How do Kumon vs Singapore Math compare?

Now that we have a better understanding of what Kumon and Singapore Math are, let’s compare kumon vs Singapore math programs based on several key factors.

Teaching Approach

Kumon and Singapore Math take different approaches to teaching math. Kumon emphasizes repetition and practice, with students working on the same type of problems until they have mastered them. Singapore Math, on the other hand, focuses on problem-solving and critical thinking, with students encouraged to use multiple methods to solve problems.


Both Kumon and Singapore Math have a structured curriculum that is designed to build upon itself as students progress through the levels. However, the Kumon program is more focused on basic math skills, such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication, while Singapore Math covers a wider range of topics, including geometry, fractions, and algebra.


Kumon and Singapore Math both use assessments to determine a student’s level of math skills. However, Kumon’s assessments are used to determine the appropriate level of worksheets for the student to work on, while Singapore Math’s assessments are used to measure a student’s understanding of mathematical concepts.

Teacher Involvement

Kumon is designed to be a self-paced program, with students completing worksheets at home and only meeting with a Kumon instructor once or twice a week. Singapore Math, on the other hand, is typically taught in a classroom setting, with a teacher guiding students through the textbook and workbook.

kumon vs Singapore Math: Which program is better for your child’s learning?

Now that we have compared Kumon vs Singapore Math based on several key factors, which program is better for your child’s learning? The answer will depend on your child’s learning style and needs.

Kumon is a good choice for children who benefit from repetition and practice. The individualized learning plan and self-paced structure of the program allow children to work at their own pace, and the focus on basic math skills can provide a strong foundation for future learning. However, some children may find the program to be repetitive and boring, and the lack of teacher involvement may not work for children who need more guidance and support.

Singapore Math, on the other hand, is a good choice for children who enjoy problem-solving and critical thinking. The use of visual models and multiple methods can help children understand math concepts more deeply, and the focus on a wider range of topics can provide a more well-rounded education. However, the program may not work for children who struggle with abstract thinking, and the need for classroom instruction may not be convenient for all families.

Ultimately, the decision between Kumon vs Singapore Math will depend on your child’s individual learning style and needs. It’s important to consider what works best for your child and to choose a program that will provide the support and guidance they need to succeed in math.

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