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JAMB Brochure For Faculty Of Education 2022

The official JAMB Brochure for Faculty of Education 2022/2023 shows you a list of courses offered in various institutions, their JAMB UTME, O’level and Direct Entry subject combination, and requirements for entry into those courses, in faculty of education across all institutions in Nigeria. You can also download the PDF Version of the JAMB Brochure here, and It’s all Totally Free!

jamb brochure for faculty of education

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List of Courses Under the Faculty of Education

Adult and Non-Formal Education

Adult Education

Agricultural Science

Arabic / Christian Regional Studies

Arabic / Creative And Cultural Arts

Arabic / Economics

Arabic / English

Arabic / French

Arabic / Geography

Arabic / Hausa

Arabic / History

Arabic / Igbo

Arabic / Islamic Studies

Arabic / Kanuri

Arabic / Political Science

Arabic / Social Studies

Arabic / Theatre Arts

Arabic / Yoruba

Arabic Medium

Biology / Chemistry

Biology / Geography

Biology / Integrated Science

Biology / Mathematics

Biology / Physics

Business Education

Chemistry / Integrated Science

Chemistry / Mathematics

Chemistry / Physics

Christian Religious Studies / Computer Education

Christian Religious Studies / Economics

Christian Religious Studies / Efik

Christian Religious Studies / English

Christian Religious Studies / French

Christian Religious Studies / Geography

Christian Religious Studies / Hausa L2

Christian Religious Studies / History

Christian Religious Studies / Ibibio

Christian Religious Studies / Idoma

Christian Religious Studies / Igala

Christian Religious Studies / Maths

Christian Religious Studies / Theatre Arts

Christian Religious Studies / Tiv

Christian Religious Stusies / Fine Arts

Christian Religiuos Studies / Hausa

Christian Religiuos Studies / Political Science

Christians Religion Studies / Igbo

Christians Religion Studies / Igbo L2

Christians Religion Studies / Social Studies

Christians Religion Studies / Yoruba

Computer Education / English

Computer Education / Geography

Computer Education / Physics

Computer Education / Accounting

Computer Education / Biology

Computer Education / Chemistry

Computer Education / Economics

Computer Education / Music

Computer Science / Business Studies

Computer Science / Political Science

Computer Science / Secretarial Studies

Computer Science / Social Studies

Computer Science / Fine And Applied Arts

Computer Science Education / Integrated Science

Computer Science Education / Mathematics

Cultural and Creative Art / Political Science

Cultural and Creative Art / C.R.S

Cultural and Creative Art / English

Cultural and Creative Art / French

Cultural and Creative Art / Hausa

Cultural and Creative Art / Igbo

Cultural and Creative Art / Islamic Studies

Cultural and Creative Art / Social Studies

Cultural and Creative Art / Yoruba

Early Childhood Care Education

Economics / EnglishEconomics / French

Economics / GeographyEconomics / History

Economics / IgboEconomics / Mathematics

Economics / PhysicsEconomics / Political Science

Economics / Yoruba

Economics / Social Studies

Edo / Computer Science

Edo / English

Edo / Social Studies

Education and Fine and Applied Arts

English / Economics

English / Efik

English / French

English / Geography

English / Hausa

English / Hausa L2

English / History

English / Ibibio

English / Idoma

English / Igala

English / Igbo

English / Igbo L2

English / Ika

English / Integrated Science

English / Islamic Studies

English / Kanuri

English / Mathematics

English / Music

English / Okpameri

English / Political Science

English / Social Studies

English / Theatre Arts

English / TivEnglish / Ukwani

English / Yoruba

English / Yoruba L2

English And Fine And Applied Arts

Fine And Applied Art

Fine And Applied Art / Hausa L2

Fine And Applied Art / Yoruba

French / Social Studies

French / Ukwani

French / Computer Science

French / Hausa

French / Hausa L2

French / History

French / Ibibio

French / Igala

French / Igbo

French / Igbo L2

French / IKA

French / Islamic Studies

French / Kanuri

French / Mathematics

French / Music

French / Political Science

French / Theatre Arts

French / Tiv

French / Yoruba

French / Yoruba L2

Fulfulde / Arabic

Fulfulde / English

Fulfulde / Hausa

Fulfulde / Islamic Studies

Fulfulde / Social Studies

Geography / Political Science

Geography / Chemistry

Geography / Fine Art

Geography / French

Geography / History

Geography / Integrated Science

Geography / Mathematics

Geography / Physics

Geography / Social Studies

Geography / Yoruba

Goegraphy And Fine And Applied Arts

Hausa / Kanuri

Hausa / MusicHausa / Economics

Hausa / Geography

Hausa / History

Hausa / Igbo

Hausa / Igbo L2

Hausa / Islamic Studies

Hausa / Political Science

Hausa / Social Studies

Hausa / Theater Arts

Hausa / Yoruba

Hausa / Yoruba L2

Hausa L 2 / Islamic Studies

Hausa L2 / Music

Hausa L2 / Social Studies

Hausa L2 / Yoruba

History / Political Science

History / Social Studies

History / Yoruba

History And Fine And Applied Arts

History / IdomaHistory / Igbo

History / Igbo L2History / Ika

History / Islamic Studies

History / Nigerian Laguages

History / TivHistory / Ukwani

Human / Theatre Arts

Human Kinetics

Ibibio / English

Igbo / Computer Science

Igbo / Integarted Science

Igbo / Mathematics

Igbo / Hausa L2Igbo / Islamic Studies

Igbo / MusicIgbo / Political Science

Igbo / Social Studies

Igbo / Yoruba

Igbo / Yoruba L2

Igbo / Theatre Arts

Igbo And Fine And Applied Arts

Igbo L2 / Mathematics

Igbo L2 / Social Studies

Ikar / Social Studies

Integrated Science

Integrated Science / Economics

Integrated Science / Mathematics Education

Integrated Science / Physics

Integrated Science / Social Studies

Integrated Science / Yoruba

Islamic Studies / Christain Religious Studies

Islamic Studies / Computer Education

Islamic Studies / Economics

Islamic Studies / Geography

Islamic Studies / Kanuri

Islamic Studies / Political Science

Islamic Studies / Social Studies

Islamic Studies / Yoruba

Isoko / Christain Religious Studies

Isoko / English

Isoko / Social Studies

Itsekiri / English

Izon / Christain Religious Studies

Izon / English

Izon / Social Studies

Kanuri / History

Kanuri / Social Studies

Mathematics / Hausa

Mathematics / Hausa L2

Mathematics / Physics

Mathematics / Social Studies

Mathematics / Yoruba

Mathematics / Yoruba L2

Music / Igbo L2

Music / Arabic

Music / Christian Religious Studies

Music / Economics

Music / History

Music / Islamic Studies

Music / Mathematics

Music / Physics

Music / Political Science

Music / Social Studies

Music / Theatre Arts

Music / Yoruba

Physical and Health Education

Physics / Music

Political Science / Fine And Applied Arts

Political Science / Islamic Studies

Political Science / Tiv

Political Science / Yoruba

Political Science / Ibibio

Political Science / Igala

Political Science / Mathematics

Political Science / Social Studies

Primary Education Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies / Creative Arts

Social Studies / EfikSocial Studies / Fine And Applied Arts

Social Studies / Fine Art

Social Studies / Ibibio

Social Studies / Idoma

Social Studies / Igala

Social Studies / Tiv

Social Studies / Yoruba

Special Education

Special Education / Agricultural Science

Special Education / Arabic

Special Education / Biology

Special Education / Business Education

Special Education / Chemistry

Special Education / Christian Studies

Special Education / Computer Science

Special Education / Economics

Special Education / English

Special Education / Fine Art (D / M)

Special Education / French

Special Education / Geography

Special Education / Hausa

Special Education / Home Economics (Double Major)

Special Education / Igbo

Special Education / Integrated Science

Special Education / Islamic Studies

Special Education / Mathematics

Special Education / Music

Special Education / Physical And Health Education

Special Education / Social Studies

Special Education / Theatre Arts

Special Education / Yoruba

Special Needs Education

Technical Education

Theatre Art / Fine And Applied Art

Theatre Art / Ika

Theatre Arts / Edo

Theatre Arts / Irs

Theatre Arts / Isoko

Theatre Arts / Itsekiri

Theatre Arts / Izon

Theatre Arts / Social Studies

Theatre Arts / Urhobo

Theatre Arts / Yoruba

Tiv / Theatre Arts

Ukwani / Social Studies

Urhobo / English

Urhobo / Social Studies

Yoruba / Social Studies

Yoruba / Computer Science

Yoruba / Mathematics

Yoruba L1 / Hausa L2


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