How To Calculate Your Average Score for Admission Into Universities

Do you know how to calculate your average score to determine your chances of getting into the higher institutions or are you one of those who accept whatsoever comes their way? We are here to show you how to calculate your score while seeking to enter uni.


Before I proceed, below is a question that many aspirants ask. So, it’s time to clarify it

How To Calculate Your Average Score

What are my chances of getting Admission for 2022?

However, we would love to inform you that the answer is not easy, if one must be sincere, there are several questions similar to this. They include:

how can I know my average score for admission in 2022?
how can I calculate my average score?

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How to Calculate Your Average Score

However, in recent years, Several Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics, have developed a system of calculating prospective candidates’ average score after their Post-UTME exercise.

Academic institutions like Unilag, MOUAU, Delsu, Uniuyo, and the rest have been doing this for years now since they are using this average score as a basis for admission selection.

This average score is calculated using the JAMB score and the UTME Screening score of her prospective candidate.

However, the formula to check your chances at getting admitted in any Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics, and College of Education is extremely simple;

Firstly, add up your JAMB and Post Utme score, then divide the sum by 8. The thing is different schools have different grade point. That is to say that UNILAG’s benchmark is different from that of FUTO.

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Here is the Pass BenchMark

However, as we have mentioned before, MOUAU has set a pass benchmark of 40 across all courses, including arts and sciences.

But due to the fact that there is heavy competition for admission slots, this usually rises in response to the level of competition of candidates seeking admission.

Your Chance Of Getting Admitted

Please note that after you must have finished calculating your average score, if it is below 40 marks, then you are most unlikely going to secure admission this year.

But if your score is above 40 marks, then you stand a higher chance of getting admission into your school of choice.

But what we should not overlook here is that admission competition can change if the competition to get admitted from students is much more than that of last year.

Please note that the competition has been undoing many prospective candidates.

Most casualties come from such courses as mentioned below.

  • Computer Engineering,
  • EE Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Computer Science,
  • Biochemistry,
  • Microbiology,
  • Accounting,
  • Among others.

Are you confused about this?

Okay, let me explain what I meant by mentioning the above courses. What I am trying to point at here, is that there is always a huge number of candidates who apply for the above-mentioned courses, there is a large population contending for the relatively few admission spaces available within these courses.

Here is an example of what I Mean

A candidate seeking admission with an average score of about 60 may not be admitted if he/she applies to a very competitive course, while another candidate who probably scored 45 may get admitted on the merit lists, because this candidate applied to a less competitive course as mentioned below.

  • Plant Health Management,
  • Agronomy,
  • Animal Production,
  • Likewise, this applies to any Science Education courses.

So the lower the number of candidates seeking admission into a particular course, the lower the Post UTME cut-off mark. Don’t hesitate to share this as there are so many students who need it. Kindly use the comment box below for questions and suggestion.


Please be informed that this admission chances calculator is not a product of JAMB, neither is it a product of any Nigerian tertiary institution. This is merely an information provided by shoreloop, delicately designed to show you your chances of getting admission into school with the results you have. It is a tool that you should use to weigh your options as you seek admission.

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