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European International Scholarships | How To Apply

Indeed, it is our honor to bring to you the list of European International Scholarships you can apply for. You might have come across this post while searching for available scholarships for you in Europe. Well, we understand that most abroad scholarships are way much expensive, as a result, we have carefully compiled a good number of European International Scholarships which are either fully-funded or less expensive.

European International Scholarships

While the majority of students are eager to study abroad, we believe this recruitment will be of interest to those searching for fully-funded scholarships, how to get European International Scholarships or Scholarships to study abroad in Europe. Before we go further, have you ever wanted to apply for study abroad scholarships but got caught up on how to power your study financing? This is the problem that most students encounter while applying for study abroad scholarships?

While on this page, also check out Study Abroad Scholarships for International Students

Scholarship Overview

Despite those challenges, we are here to provide answers to your problems. The good news is, instead of worrying so much about fundraising, taking a side job, and spending your summer saving up, we have deemed it very important to provide you with some European international scholarships for you. So, did you know that there are some scholarships and grants that are specifically provided for students who want to study abroad?

That’s very true. There are a number of abroad scholarships from different sources that you can apply for. Visiting those sites will seem ambiguous to you. Therefore, we have sequentially arranged those individual programs below. Ensure you go through it. The thing is, be it Bachelor Degree, Masters, or P.hd, this article covers all the scholarships you are looking for. Stay Tuned!!!

Without much ado, let’s get it started. The first on our list is:

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Scholarships in Austria

The quick transition from being one of the top tourist countries in Europe to an education hub or center for international students, Austria is currently providing Fully-funded scholarships to study abroad. These scholarships can be accessed via or

Scholarships in Denmark

Next in our list is Denmark. Denmark also throws her doors open for students to access international scholarships in the country. Danish students usually receive a government grant (SU, Statens Uddannelsesstøtte) but, can also be made available to international students. A good number of Danish Universities also offer Scholarships to study abroad in Europe. You can find more details about that at

Scholarships in Finland

Planning a budget for your time in Finland is an important part of preparing for the journey ahead. Universities offer a range of options for scholarships both for bachelor’s and master’s level international students. Scholarship programs also exist for doctoral level. Finland is reputed to run one of the best educational systems in the world. However, in 2017 the country introduced a new tuition fee for international students that non-residents in the country. Over 20,000 Euros are now charged for tuition in the country. However, there are a couple of European International Scholarships for 2020 you can find in Finland. Scholarship applications are submitted directly through the university. You can check out these scholarships at

Scholarships in France

France operates one of the most international student-friendly educational systems. It might also interest you to know that EEA can study almost for free. There are over 250 grants offered to students by the government. To learn more, kindly visit CampusBourses lists for information on how the grants.

Scholarships in Germany

Germany is among European universities that offer free tuition in its public universities. However, it is also advised, you apply for Scholarships in Germany for International students as this will help to cover the living costs. European International Scholarships in Germany can be accessed via this database

Scholarships in Ireland

If you are looking at studying in Ireland. Then our first advice is to look up available Scholarships for International Students in Ireland. Here is the list of grants and scholarships available for International Students as compiled by Irish Universities Association.

Scholarships in the Netherlands

Another European International Scholarships is in the Netherlands. Netherlands’ multi-cultural ethnicity makes it possible to accommodate both migrants and students from all over the world. Holland also runs one of the best and most advanced educational systems. One of those scholarships in the Netherlands is Orange Knowledge Program Scholarships

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About The Orange Knowledge Program for Students, Netherlands

The Orange Knowledge Program aims to contribute to a society’s sustainable and inclusive development. Its scholarships are open to mid-career professionals in specific countries. This scholarship aims to advance the development of the capacity, knowledge, and quality of both individuals as well as organizations both in the field of higher and vocational education and in other fields related to the priority themes in the program countries.

Visit Grantfinder to find out how to apply for European International Scholarships in the Netherlands.

Scholarships in the United Kingdom

While on this European International Scholarships, you can also check out other scholarships in Europe available for you. There are quite a number of scholarships in the United Kingdom.  The last on our list but not the least on the European International Scholarships are the scholarships in the UK. UK Universities are actually very expensive both for natives and international students. Nonetheless, you can still fund your tuition and the cost of living with countless scholarships to study in the UK. Additionally, it might interest you to know that a good number of them are fully-funded. The British Council offers a wealth of information. Also, visit for additional options.



  1. Harry Mathew Sam

    November 18, 2020 at 1:07 pm

    It’s good to help others who are in need

  2. Nelson Ajai

    November 21, 2020 at 2:06 pm

    Iam Nelson Ajai completing 4years of degree in Electrical &Communication engineering majoring power and would like to seek scholarships to futher master’s programm

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