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Dell Technologies Graduation Project Prize Competition for Undergraduate Students 2020/2021

Do you know that you can apply and win the Dell Technologies Graduation Project Prize Competition? Yes, you can. That is why we have provided you with every detail you may need to win the Dell Technologies Annual Graduation Project Prize Competition. Dell Technologies has launched the annual graduation project competition for senior undergraduate students from universities in the Middle East, Russia, Africa, and Turkey.

Brief Description

The competition is intended to spark the creativity of students for their graduation projects to play an active role in the Transformation of IT and get the opportunity to shine and win prizes.

Host of Competition

Dell Technologies

Grants to be taken at

Dell Technologies

Award Type


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Grants level

Senior Undergraduate (Final year students)

Grants Worth


Country/Candidate Eligibility

Students from Middle East, Russia, Africa and Turkey

Details of Competition

If you are working on your graduation project in the Healthcare, Well-being or Education sectors, you are welcomed to join the competition for a very exciting ride! The targeted topics: IoT or AI or Multi-cloud. The submission will be opened from the 15th of November till the 30th of December 2020. If you are in a team of minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6, hurry up and apply!

Mode of Application


Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • Applicants must be international students from the Middle East, Russia, Africa, and Turkey.
  • Applicants must be a senior undergraduate (i.e. final year degree students).
  • Students should have a strong academic standing, validated by the Head of their Department.
  • The correctness of the information provided by the students should be validated by the official signature and stamp of the Dean of their college/institute.
  • At the time of submission, all the members of student teams should not be full time employees of any organization whatsoever, whether it is private, public, or non-governmental.
  • No students should be listed in more than one project.
  • Students should have a faculty member as their official academic advisor and mentor.

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Benefits of Dell Technologies Graduation Project Prize Competition                                                                                                  

The value of the Dell Technologies Annual Graduation Project Prize Competition includes:

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Winners of the competition will receive cash prizes as below:

  • First place will receive a cash prize of $5,000
  • Second place will receive a cash prize of $4,000
  • Third place winner will receive a cash prize of $3,000
  • All the Top 10 team members will get recognition certificates for their achievement.
  • We will be offering a mentoring opportunity by Dell Experts for our finalists projects (who will pass the interim phase to the final one).
  • A formal award ceremony will be organized at one of the major Dell Technologies events in the region. All the members of the winning team and their academic advisor(s) will be invited to attend the ceremony along with senior officials from their university/college

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How to Apply for Dell Technologies Annual Graduation Project Prize Competition

Applicants who are interested in Dell Technologies Annual Graduation Project Prize Competition are required to apply through online Application.

Document Requirement

Participating teams should submit their Projects Abstracts which should answer the following questions:

Question 1: What is the main problem that you are solving?
Question 2: What is the importance of this problem?
Question 3: What are the current solutions?
Question 4: How will your solution solve the problem? What is new?
Question 5: What is the expected impact of your solution from various perspectives (social, commercial, environmental, etc)?
Question 6: Give a high level functional description of your solution. How will it be used?
Question 7: Give a high level technical description of your solution: architecture, technology, integration, innovative components, etc.
Question 8: Give a high level description of your solution development environment, platform, tools, etc.
Question 9: How will you manage your product development cycle, your quality assurance process, your solution deployment logistics, etc?
Question 10: Give the most relevant plans that you have developed for your project (for example, time schedule, resource plan, training plan, risk management, contingency plan, etc.)

The submitted abstracts will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Relevance, originality, significance and expected contributions and impact.

Application Deadline

December 30, 2020

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