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Are you looking for some of the cheapest schools in Colorado? You’re not alone. College tuition rates are skyrocketing day by day, and it can be difficult to find an affordable education that will be quality enough.

The good news is that Colorado has a number of cheap schools that offer a great education for a low fee. In this article, we will take a look at the 10 cheapest schools in Colorado, so you can find the best education for your budget.

From public universities to small private colleges, there are plenty of options to choose from. All of these schools offer a wide variety of degree programs, and they also have great student support services.

So, let’s get started and take a look at the 10 cheapest schools in Colorado.


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cheapest schools in Colorado

Colorado State University

Colorado State University (CSU) is one of the state’s best public universities, and it has one of the state’s lowest student tuitions.

With top academics, excellent student resources, and a wide variety of activities and clubs, it’s no wonder CSU is one of the most popular destinations for students in the area.

CSU is also close to the mountains, so you can get outdoors and explore some of the state’s great natural areas.

University of Northern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) is a large state school that has a very low tuition rate.

UNC is known for its academic excellence and is one of the top choices for students who are looking for quality education at an affordable price.

In addition to its excellent academics, UNC also offers a large variety of student life activities, so you can get involved in campus life and make new friends.

University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder is one of the state’s top public universities, and it has one of the lowest tuition rates in the state.

It offers a wide range of program options, from traditional liberal arts to cutting-edge STEM degrees. With its campus located in the Rocky Mountains and one of the best research universities in the country, it has become a top choice for many students.

The university also provides a plethora of activities to get involved in, from student organizations to athletic teams. With its amazing opportunities and low tuition rates, the University of Colorado Boulder is an exciting place to pursue your education.

Colorado Mesa University

Colorado Mesa University is a small private university and one of the cheapest schools in Colorado. With its diverse student body, it is a great place for students to explore their passions, build new friendships and make lasting memories.

From its state-of-the-art facilities to its robust academic programs, CMU has something to offer everyone. There are over 100 clubs and organizations that provide students with a variety of activities and events to participate in. 

Furthermore, the campus is located in the heart of Grand Junction, providing easy access to all of the city’s attractions, restaurants, and entertainment. Colorado Mesa University is an exciting place full of wonderful opportunities for growth and exploration.

Metropolitan State University of Denver

The Metropolitan State University of Denver is another public university that made it to our list of cheapest schools in Colorado because of its reasonable tuition fees.

It is a great option if you are looking for an affordable college in Colorado, as the average tuition cost in the school is around $8,500. Not only will you get quality education at a lower price but also gain valuable learning experience through the many activities and organizations available for students.

In addition to that, MSU Denver is known for its great faculty and staff who are always ready to help students reach their academic goals. So if you’re looking for the cheapest schools in Colorado, MSU Denver is definitely worth adding to your list.

Western Colorado University

Western Colorado University is another great option if you are looking for affordable universities in Colorado. The average tuition cost for the school is around $7,000, making it one of the most affordable universities in the state.

At Western Colorado University, students can take advantage of many different learning opportunities such as internships and research projects.

In addition to that, the university also offers a wide range of student activities and organizations to get involved in.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs is one of the state’s top public universities with reasonable tuition.

It offers a great range of academic programs, from associate’s to PhDs in more than 40 disciplines. this school is home to over 12,000 students and provides them with a plethora of resources, solid curriculums, and competitive athletics.

 It’s well-known for its excellent faculty, world-class research opportunities, and commitment to innovate and create. The campus also has an incredibly active student life with clubs, organizations, and events that guarantee that you’ll never get bored.

Adams State University

Adams State University is one of the most affordable universities in Colorado. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees in fields such as education, business, science, and more.

The campus is located in the heart of the San Luis Valley and provides students with access to a diverse range of activities and organizations. Adams State is also known for its small class sizes, which make it easier for students to engage with their professors.

The university also has an active student life with various clubs and organizations that give students the opportunity to explore their interests.

Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University has a great faith-based focus, so you can complete your degree with a great focus on spirituality and one of the cheapest schools in Colorado.

The university offers a wide range of programs and majors, from sports science to business administration and even psychology.

The faculty and staff are committed to helping students reach their academic goals, and the campus provides multiple student activities and organizations for students to get involved in.

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Regis University

Regis University is a private, Jesuit-affiliated university located in Denver, Colorado. The university offers over 80 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, with a variety of majors ranging from business to health sciences.

Regis also has an extensive student life program with numerous clubs and organizations for students to get involved in. The university also provides a range of services such as career counseling, academic advising, and study abroad programs.

The campus is located near downtown Denver, providing students with easy access to the city’s many attractions.

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