Basic Computer Skills You Must Learn Before You Graduate in Nigeria

Basic Computer Skills
Basic Computer Skills

Basic Computer skills are so important in the workplace for everyone from the lowest employee to the highest employer.

Modern businesses rely heavily on computerized technology to efficiently complete many tasks. Having decent computer skills means you can perform the tasks that competing candidates may not be able to. This knowledge can result in you getting hired over your competitors. Universities acknowledge the importance of computer skills, and some institutions require their students to complete a basic computer literacy course in their first year of study. To ensure that we are on the same page, let’s tackle this question first:

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Basic Computer Skills

What is Computer Literacy?

To be computer literate, you must know and understand how to operate a computer system effectively. Hence, computer Literacy refers to a person’s ability to operate computer programs efficiently and quickly. Computer programs include basic programs like Microsoft Word to more complex engineering computer programs like AutoDesk CAD. For most jobs, using the more basic computer programs (such as Microsoft Word) is an absolute must. Some positions may require more specific computer skills in that industry, like AutoDesk CAD in engineering or Pastel in accounting. Computer literacy also refers to a person’s ability to use computers to communicate professionally. Not forgetting some programming languages like Python, Java, Javascript, C++, etc.

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Importance of Basic Computer Skills

There always comes a feeling of fulfillment whenever we solve problems. That is what happens when we are proficient in using our computers. Your ability to use various computer programs is an important skill to put on your CV and in a future career. Not only does computer literacy help in applying for jobs, but it may also increase your salary as you can take on more responsibilities. These additional responsibilities can lead to a promotion within your company, leading you to more exciting, challenging, and rewarding work. Specific computer programs also help you organize your thoughts, allowing you to perform tasks more efficiently.
Another essential skill that employers look for is communication. Knowledge of how to access and use the internet opens up a variety of possibilities to communicate with coworkers and people in supervisory positions. Instant messaging, email, and social media are all computer-based ways to communicate with people instantly.

In Addition

Knowledge of correct email etiquette and when it is appropriate to communicate via social media is invaluable “soft” skill that employers look for. Computer-based communication can even be multimedia, where you can compile your different thoughts and ideas into slideshow presentations and videos. Effective communication is directly related to your computer skills.

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Basic Computer Skills You Must Learn

Detailed computer program knowledge is important, but which computer programs are the most important?

1. Microsoft Word

The majority of homes, offices, and educational institutions use Microsoft Office. Thus you must understand how to utilize Microsoft Word to generate Word documents. In addition to creating documents for your use, Microsoft Word makes it simple to share them with other team members. Even if you don’t write a lot on the job, you must have the confidence to utilize Microsoft Word when you need to.

You should be able to create and save documents, edit, format text and paragraphs, and add elements to your documents, like tables and pictures, to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

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2. Microsoft Excel:

Unlike Word, Excel has very few equivalent programs that operate simultaneously. Excel is used to compile large amounts of data into organized spreadsheets. It can even apply many mathematical equations to the data you plug in. Excel is used in an extensive range of careers and industries. Being literate in Excel will benefit you in almost any career.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint

This is the next basic computer program that you should be literate in. This is one of the best multimedia tools for effective visual communication. PowerPoint helps you put together slideshow presentations to present your ideas in a very visual and concise manner.
There are thousands of other important computer programs, but the three mentioned here are the important basics.

4. Coding:

This is another aspect of computer literacy. Coding involves making use of programming languages to write programs. It is a way of giving instructions to a computer. Some web design languages are HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the front end. Also, PHP for backend programming. Other programming languages are Python, Java, C++, C, Ruby, etc.
As an undergraduate student, you must acquire some knowledge in the programs above to be a top-notch worker.
Not knowing basic computer programs and communication greatly disadvantages every job seeker. I would advise every student to be adequately equipped before facing the labor market.

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5. Online Education

Online training is a common technique for delivering training at the workplace, but it is now even more important as more people work every day from home. A crucial computer skill that will support your personal and professional development is the ability to finish online courses successfully.

To complete online training, you must know how eLearning platforms operate. To qualify, you often need to watch several videos and be able to pass an online test.

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6. Google Drive

To ensure that you can collaborate with team members in any location, it’s a good idea to be fluent in Google Drive and the related tools in addition to Microsoft Office.

You may create documents with Google Drive that are simple to share online. With Google Drive, you can view your work files from any location without worrying about moving data between machines. Also, Google Drive makes it incredibly simple to collaborate on papers because you can give others access while simultaneously live to edit the document!

7. Web Searching Skills

A crucial computer skill is the ability to swiftly and effectively conduct a web search to get the information you require, in addition to knowing how to operate the software on your computer. This might be done to find answers to your question, research for a Word document, or gather information for a custom sales presentation you are making for a company.

To avoid being slowed down or having your productivity affected by the research portion of your project, you must have easy access to the internet and be familiar with search engines.

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8. Effective Typing Skills

Typing quickly and accurately is one computer ability that will always be in demand! Most jobs require excellent typing abilities. Thus, spending time honing your writing abilities to impress your employer is worthwhile.

Being a quick typist is a highly-valued skill, whether producing documents quickly or responding to abrasive emails more quickly. Yet, you must ensure that your writing abilities are exactly in addition to quick, or you’ll lose a lot of time reviewing your work to correct errors!


What are basic computer skills for college students?

Necessary Basic Computer Skills for College Students
Online Communication. …
Basic Computer Knowledge. …
Performing Internet Research and Using Search Engines. …
Taking Online Classes. …
Additional Information. …
Necessary Maintenance Management Software for Businesses.

What exactly are basic computing skills?

Most or all of the following are covered in basic computer skills courses as the most frequent computer uses: knowing the fundamentals of computer manipulation, handling files on a computer, utilizing word processing software, using spreadsheets and databases, making presentations, locating information, and communicating…

How do I know my basic computer knowledge?

The basics of computer usage and operation cover these topics. This may entail typing, learning keyboard shortcuts, turning on and off a computer, and connecting and deactivating a computer from the Internet. You can learn about many operating systems and software applications from it.



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