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13-year-old boy gets bachelor’s degree from US university, will get PhD in physics at age 18

It was the community college that forged his passion for physics. Elliot said that he always wanted to be a mathematician, but when he was introduced to physics, he became very intrigued and inspired to learn more about the secrets of the world.

Elliott transferred to the University of Minnesota at the age of 11 to begin studying physics and mathematics. Although his university experience is a little different from that of his classmates who are much younger than many of his colleagues, Elliott still hangs out with his peers in the student lounge, discussing homework, debating physics topics or watching movies.

After two years of study at the University, Elliot graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Mathematics. He was subsequently accepted into the University of Minnesota’s physics doctoral program and will begin his doctorate in the next academic year.

The young genius says he wants to be a professor at the University of Minnesota, United States and become an expert in high-energy theoretical physics. “I can’t wait to get started,” he said.

After his incredible performance, Elliot was awarded a congressional record by Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar. Sharing photos of the recognition on his Instagram, Elliot said his family is celebrating this honor.

“As our family celebrates this honor, our hearts go out to the families and community at Robb Elementary in Texas. Our hearts are broken,” he said.

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