10 things you need to know before you study computer science in school

Computer science degrees are some of the most popular at many colleges and universities today, thanks in large part to the steady stream of high paying jobs in the field.

But before you make the decision to study computer science in school, take some time to learn about what it will take to succeed, whether you’re already studying or just thinking about making this commitment down the line.

Check out these 10 things you need to know before you study computer science in school!

1) You don’t need to be a genius:

You don’t have to be a genius or have the highest GPA. One of the most important skills is being able to work well with other people and communicate your ideas effectively.

Creative thinking and problem solving are also vital skills that will help you excel in this field.

The best way to develop these skills is by taking some programming classes, joining clubs, and working on projects.

It’s not just coding; Computer science includes many different fields like hardware design, software engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence, and game development.

Which can appeal to different students based on their interests.

There’s a lot more than just coding!

2) It’s important to be able to code:

This is the biggest thing people who want to be a computer scientist should know.

It’s important to understand coding and how it works because this will help you build your own programs and apps for computers.

There are many different types of coding languages that can be learned, but some of the most popular ones are C, Java, Python, and C++.

There are also platforms like Microsoft Office or Google Docs where you can use simple commands to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or other files.

It’s important to remember that code isn’t just limited to programming either; there are lots of jobs for coders outside of the computer industry as well.

Programming skills also come into play when solving math problems so even if you’re not interested in working with computers there are still benefits for learning how to code!

3) You need to be good at problem solving:

You need to be good at problem solving. CS is a very challenging major, and many people who don’t have a knack for it get discouraged and switch majors or drop out of the program altogether.

If you’re not good at solving problems, then this may not be the major for you.

You need to be able to work independently on projects, but also work well with others on group projects.

Computer Science degree students can expect an average of two hours per week in lectures, one hour per week in tutorials and two hours per week of lab time each week.

Classes are usually held three times a week, but some classes are only offered once every four weeks to accommodate high demand.

Lectures last an hour and tutorials last half an hour. Labs last two hours each session.

4) Creativity is important:

things you need to know before you study computer science in school

Creativity is one of the most important skills a computer scientist can have.

Every problem has at least two solutions, so if one solution doesn’t work, it’s important to be able to think out of the box and find another solution.

This creativity is also useful when coming up with new ideas or figuring out different ways to solve an existing problem.

Computers don’t make mistakes: Computers will always do exactly what they are programmed to do.

5) You need to be able to work in a team:

A lot of the work done in computer science is done as a team, and it’s important that all members are able to work together.

It’s also important that all members are aware of the steps involved from start to finish so that they can be prepared for anything.

This includes who will take on what tasks, how long each task should take, and who will keep track of progress. You also want to make sure everyone has the skills necessary for certain tasks, such as being able to write code.

You need to be very good with numbers: If there’s one thing you can expect when studying computer science in school, it’s that there will be a lot of math related questions.

Some people think math is boring or difficult, but most people find that it becomes easier with practice.

With help from teachers and classmates, almost anyone could get better at math.

6) You need to be able to handle stress:

Computer Science is not for everyone. You need to be able to handle stress, be good at math and logic, and have a high level of self-motivation.

The payoff is that this degree will give you valuable skills that are in demand by many employers.

As well as learning how to code programs, students also learn how to work collaboratively with others on projects while mastering their ability to problem solve.

You also learn how to use computer programming languages like C++, Java and Python which can help land an entry level position out of college.

7) You need to be able to learn quickly:

Computer science is an ever changing field, so it’s important to be able to learn quickly.

Being able to teach yourself new skills, languages, and technologies is essential.

The best way to do this is by reading a lot and practicing as much as possible.

You also need a good work ethic so that when you’re stuck on something, you’ll be motivated enough to keep working until you get it.

8) You need to be able to be flexible:

In the field of computer science, you will find that there is no one right way of doing things.

This means that your ability to be flexible and adapt quickly is an essential skill.

It’s important to understand that there are many different types of programming languages and operating systems out there, which means it’s impossible for a programmer to work with everything.

You’ll have to be able to make educated decisions about which type of language or system best suits the project at hand.

9) You need to have good communication skills:

Communication skills are essential for any profession, but they are especially important when studying STEM.

Even if you’re a coding wizard, if you can’t explain your process to your peers or the professor, it will be difficult to get help on tough problems.

In addition, communication with other students is an important part of group projects.

Make sure that your communication skills are up-to-date by practicing public speaking and debating as much as possible.

10) You need to be able to stay up to date with technology:

One of the most important parts of the job is staying up to date with technology.

If you’re not willing to learn new languages, keep up with other industry trends, and make time for self-learning and experimentation, then this might not be the right career for you.


In order to find patterns, solve complex problems and think creatively about solutions, strong logical thinking skills are needed.

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